Wednesday, 14 January 2015

OUGD503 Responsive Wallpaper Brief Final Submissions.

Once I had go the pattern to a stage that I was happy with I submitted it. I was great to see it at full scale and the website submission seemed to hint the illustration towards a slight greenish tinge witch actually works really well. I also went on to do an inverted version with touches of colour, because I was sad that the time limit wouldn't let me do the full scale coloured illustration that I wanted to do. The digital colour with the reduced opacity actually worked really well, conveying the idea of the translucent texture of the jellyfish.
I also experimented with adding further colour to the original colour way with this reduced opacity approach. I really like this but am uncertain if I should pursue it further. 


I am fairly happy with the way this brief worked out. However, there are many things I would change about the way I approached it. More than anything I wish I could have enacted the plans I had for the water colour and ink colouring of the illustration. I spent a large portion of the early stages of the brief working this out, only to have too little time at the end to do it. On the bright side, I do feel that the design still has the dark scratchy appeal that  wanted to achieve. 

When i set out to address this brief I knew I wanted to create a pattern that was interlocking and a completely different creature to the tiled and basic repeat that I saw a lot of in the submissions. This repeat was a nightmare to achieve. No matter the planning and work I put into drawing it correctly, there was always a discrepancy that would show up when the pattern was put together. In the end there was no other way but to digitally edit the pattern, which was an equally long winded process. Despite these set backs I think that the repeat is quite impressive. It does do what I set out to.

One thing that I would change about it would be the square shape of the repeat. I would probably have to contact feather and ask about a more amebic shape for the repeat because it was a requirement for the submission file. The problem with this is that, through the little experience I have creating repeats, the eye is much more likely to be tricked by a repeat that is not a regular shape, and a square is the most regular of shapes and I can definitely see the seem of the repeat. However, this could just be the perfectionist in me, possibly others cannot see this.

Another set back would be the ratings the wallpaper has received so far. Ah well! I am content that I have produced a wallpaper that I would want on my wall and I had fun doing it, what more can you ask for?

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