Wednesday, 4 November 2015

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 03 Botanical Collaboration Layout Experimentation and Content Decisions

Collaboration Partner: Jess Wood

After the basic layout mock ups I created (detailed in the last post) Jess illustrated over and around them with the specific plant in question. We agreed that the colour was unecessary for this early experimentation. 

The structure of the way the plant grows informs how it frames the content. Jess tried a few different options and we talked about how the plants could interact with their name. 

The layout above was both of our favourites because of the way it directs the eye through the hierarchy  of information without getting in the way of any of it. I especially lve the way it spreads across the page as wisteria would grow, communicating so much about the plant without having large bodies of dense text.

We talked about choosing the content for the publication / app and how we would limit it in a way that would make sense and be useful. We decided that because we wanted the publication to be an introduction a good way to choose the content would be the most common plants in each season. We sat down and went through some options for each seasonal section of the book/app. This is what we came up with:

-Red Campione
-Dog Rose

-Yellow Iris
-Martagon lilly

-Common Fern
-Sea Buckthorn
-Virginia Creeper
-Apple tree (Russet)

-Winter Heliotrope
-Sweet Violet
-Snow drops
-Winter Jasmine

We have ensured that there are at least 5 in each season, this is the number we are evetually aiming for. We have include a few extra where we felt we could so that Jess can have a go at drawing the different plants and possibly pick and choose the ones that work best for her.

While jess experiments with the illustration of these plants I will look more closely at the typographic styles we cited in our last meeting and draw some of these plants myself to become more closely aquainted with the botanical shapes that will dictate this brief.

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