Wednesday, 18 November 2015

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 03 Botanical Collaboration Responding to the Crit

Collaboration Partner: Jess Wood
As part of the feedback received in the extended practice crit it was suggested I look at the publication Another Escape just for examples of how they deal with natural subject matter in print form. 

Although the majority of the plants we slightly more scientifically and abstractly presented than we would want,  it was interesting to see how they dealt with their type on the natural of surface of uncoated paper. They created a distinct contrast between the subtitles which were open sans serif and their body copy which was transitional serif. I think what predominantly makes this difference is the all caps nature of the subtitles which structurally looks so different to the lower case body copy creating a solid hierarchy of information.
The strong decisive nature of the dark images means a slight sense of structure is given to the page. This is because the frames of the images are completely discernible against the paper. This is something that we could implement in our designs, despite the illustrations being water colours and therefore soft by nature we can increase the intensity of the colour for a clearly defined edge. However, this may not work but is worth experimenting with.
Both Jess and I really liked the use of identifying colours relating to articles and we related this back to the swatch colours schemes Jess made up for each plant and how we could utilise this in the planning of the publication. 

It was also agreed that at this stage both myself and jess would just focus on the type and image for the publication and expand to an app design if we felt it was right. This was majorly down to realising the scale of the project and agreeing that making on thing really good was better than quantity over quality.

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