Monday, 16 November 2015

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 03 Botanical Collaboration Crit and Feedback (Formative)

Collaboration Partner: Jess Wood

To day we had an informal crit just to touch base with extended practice and see what everyone os working on besides COP. I presented the Botanical Collaboration work as far as I had gotten with it anyway and I got some interesting feedback.
Because of the early on nature of my work in the brief, a lot of it was considering research methods and routes to explore developmentally.

It was suggested that I sit down with Jess and we identify a target audience, perhaps even do a profile that we can tailer the publication and the app to. When it came to the app it was also pointed out that it may be tricky to get the spacious aesthetic that we have set out to achieve in the publication, to which I said I had been thinking about this as an issue but had so far seen it more as a challenge than as a hinderance. Although, it has got e thinking about the UX design that could allow for a more spacious aesthetic and that perhaps I should look into this in more detail.

Since the aesthetic of the publication will in many ways shape the app, it was suggested that I look at publications that have the mix of practical and cleanly earthy that we are trying to achieve and see how it was done. A friend on the course even had an example in the form of 'Another Escape' which is shown below. He suggested volume four had had a particular emphasis on plant forms and might be worth having a look at if I could find it.
All in all fairly successful. Billie also presented our collaborative work for summative evaluation which was really useful too.

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