Tuesday, 30 September 2014

OUGD504 Brief 01 My Design Process Origami Harebell

Because I was considering a three diminutional option for the leaflet design, I thought I would look into some origami shapes. I found this design for a flower along with a great website for other instructions. I thought it might be in keeping with my natural and illustrative style to create something organic and fits well with the idea that my design process is something living and ever changing, as I pointed out in my earlier mind map.

I also really like the way they are almost curved because me design process very rarely includes straight or logical progressions.


However, I immediately hit up against a problem. The paper I had was far too thick to fold in the delicate ways it needed to. So, tomorrow I will go on to experiment with different stocks and the ways that they can fold and what this will mean for my final project.

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