Tuesday, 30 September 2014

OUGD504 Brief 01 My Design Process

During this week you will design and produce a folded leaflet entitled "My Design Process" that describes your understanding of the design process and specifically how you apply this process to your own work. This assignment will allow you to explore the nature of design at an increasingly commercial level while also exploring creative approaches to leaflet design and folding.
This brief is only one week long and therefore will be very intensive. You will be given support by your tutors in the form of crits and tutorials while studio tasks will focus on aspects related to constructing and designing leaflets. You will be expected to explore and experiment with paper and card stock: folding techniques and styles; and graphic concepts and communication. Your progress, developments and creative decisions should be documented in your studio blog.
At the end of the week you will present your final leaflet design and plan for print to the rest of the group. You will receive feedback and points to consider during this final crit.
This brief has a different structural integrity compared to those of the previous year. What I find really difficult to comprehend is the way that the audience for this peace of work is...us. This is the way self initiated work is based. So , I guess I need to just have fun with this brief. I want to start with a completely open mind and just do some open research to inspire me. I will look into: folding ideas, alternative ways of telling stories, maps, and ways of presenting thought processes. I want to look into these narrative themes because the content will shape everything else about the design, so I want to find a way of explaining my design process that is not simply a flow diagram.

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