Tuesday, 30 September 2014

OUGD504 Brief 01 My Design Process Studio Session Study Task 1

Once we had been Briefed, we were asked to get into small groups and brainstorm as many words about our design process as we could. The image below was our result.

We were then asked to individually transfer this information into a flow chart or diagram of some description. Although we had already done this in some respects, we all noticed the way that nothing really worked in a straight line. There was a constant tendency to return to numerous places in the process. However, we all agreed that this was only a model, when we approach a new brief the process varies. 

We were then asked to create a folded piece of paper to represent the diagram we had just created. This was really difficult because the diagram is very complex and paper folding in its very nature is quite basic most of the time. In a response to this I tried to make mine complex, using the triangular shape as the focus because of its directional component, which is so dominant in the idea of my design process. It is always aiming straight towards the design solution. 

Doing this also got me thinking about the idea of creating a leaflet that folds in to create a finished item in the same way that a design process does. 

We then talked about our results and how they were similar and different. Something that constantly came up was the way that no one's design process was completely linear or very easy to define. So what I really want to set out to do is come up with a meld of the paper folding and 2D design that creates a completely new way of representing a thought process.

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