Friday, 15 January 2016

OUGD601 Brief 01 SU Part 1 Freshers Logo Sketching and Development

I put together a selection of hand drawn thumbnails to look at how the words could be arranged. I wanted to communicate friendly openness with a sense of playfulness too.

I then took this to the next meeting with the SU to get some feedback. They really liked the overall look created by the hand drawn finish and selected the design on the right above. They also had a few suggestions of changes to make it better. This included the reduction of the decender of the 'y' and the removal of the loop on the 'H', basically to simplify things a bit.

I enacted these changes and looked to change the flow of the 'are' because the concept of it is the continuos connection of th elettering. This was ruined by the way the 'r' didn't flow into the 'e' in a way that really connected. So I re drew this at a larger scale and inserted this into the logo.
I put the drop pin of into the logo and added the key colours that we decided on in the last meeting. I think it works really well independently as above as well as on the freshers guide withe the drop pin as a die cut. The SU is also really happy with this design especially with the web safe colour choices that mean online promotions are a lot easy to make consistent. They also said that the friendliness of the design was exactly what they wanted.

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